Have you ever wanted to quit?

Quitting? It's something that we don't really talk about much in online business much. It's more about having hustle and pushing through failures. I have said it before but I'm going to say it again -- this business stuff is hard especially if you are doing it alone. I recently hired someone to help me Continue Reading


Keep Your Website Safe

You can hope, wish, and pray that your website doesn’t get hacked, get a virus or malware. I can do it too but I would actually recommend the following tips to keep your website secure. Although nothing is guaranteed, these are my best tips to help you. Back it Up & Keep it Updated First Continue Reading


Three Things You Should Pay For

Do you need these three things to do your business? Maybe not - need is pretty subjective and everyone is on a different level in their business. I do think that bootstrapping is important when you first start out, there are three things you should pay for as soon as you can. Starting with these Continue Reading